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Handcrafted All Natural Bar & Shaving Soaps

Bar Soaps

We hand make our all-natural soaps from basic ingredients, using the traditional cold-process method that's been unchanged for hundreds of years.  Our soaps start with a green tea, herbal tea, or coffee base, and add high quality oils.  Made from all-natural, pure and wholesome ingredients, our soaps are naturally moisturizing and gentle for sensitive or troubled skin.

Our bar soaps are made from 80% olive oil and 20% coconut oil, for a soap that's great for skin with a wonderful lather!  Our bar soaps are scented lightly with high quality essential oils (look for EO in our store) or fragrance oils.  We also make unscented soaps for extra sensitive skin.  Some of our soaps include dried herbs, tea leaves, oatmeal or coffee grounds--a great all-natural exfoliant!
  Unlike most of the "body bar", "bath bar" and other bar washing products you'll find on the shelf in most stores, our soaps are just that... old-fashioned, pure soap!  Our bars are 4 oz when first cut, prior to curing and drying.  They become a little lighter as they dry, and the hardened soap lathers wonderfully and lasts longer the harder it gets.  We recommend keeping the bar on a soap tray that allows it to completely dry between uses, so that you get to enjoy it longer.

Shaving Soaps

Our super-lathering shaving soaps are made from a luxurious blend of coconut, palm, castor, sunflower, and olive oils, with shea butter added for gentle skin conditioning, and bentonite clay for a super glide.  Lightly scented with either masculine or feminine high quality fragrance or essential oils (look for EO in our store), both men and women enjoy the experience of shaving with these old-fashioned soaps!  Our shaving soaps are poured up and cured in a 4 oz rust proof tin for easy use and travel (no shaving cup required), enough soap to last for about 6 months of daily shaves.  Shaving soaps and all-natural badger hair brushes are available in our online store!  Shaving soaps are $10 (soap only) or $25 for a set (soap and brush).

Our soaps are naturally colored, and contain no artificial ingredients or harsh chemicals.  We air-dry and cure our soaps for a minimum of 4 weeks, after which they're allowed to continue to air dry and harden until they're sold.

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