Bountiful Blessings Farm
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Handcrafted Organic Jams

Our jams start with organic fruits and berries from carefully selected small North and East Texas organic farms.  We hand-mill the fruits and cook the jams in small batches.  Our jams are made with fruit, organic cane sugar, and all-natural pectin (that's all!).  We believe the best foods have a very short ingredient list, so you won't find any corn syrup, emulsifiers, artificial colors or flavors, or preservatives in our jams...  just plain old-fashioned YUM!  (We eat all we can, and sell the rest!)

We have Blackberry, Blueberry, Berry Patch (a very nice blend of blueberry and blackberry), Strawberry, Peach, Triple Berry, a WONDERFUL Strawberry-Peach, and more!

We select farms specifically for their organic farming methods, to ensure that our jams are the highest quality with no pesticides, fungicides or other harmful chemicals.  The result is amazing...  taste that you wouldn't believe is so simple!  

Our jams are available canned in half pint jars.

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