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All Natural Fainting Goats

Our registered fainting goats (Myotonic Goats) are grass fed and grass finished naturally with no grains.  We do not use growth hormones, antibiotics or chemical dewormers, but instead use herbal remedies and natural dewormers like garlic and diatomaceous earth--so they're healthy for a fun pet or for feeding your family.

Fainting goats are perfect for the North Texas climate and foraging.  Our goats will forage on everything from grasses to cedar (and LOVE poison ivy!), so they're low maintenance and great at clearing underbrush.  Their meat is a healthy, lean meat
with mild flavor, so they're tasty, nutritious, and entertaining!

Our Myotonic goats have great bloodlines from Coyote Creek, Bending Tree Ranch, and Onion Creek Ranch.  They are excellent mothers, and usually twin.  The kids are easily imprinted to be affectionate and gentle.  When full-grown, they're small enough to easily handle and retain a docile temperament, so they're great around children.

We offer several purchase options:
  • You pick-up at our farm (on the hoof, whole animal)
  • We'll deliver to a local processor for you to handle processing (on the hoof, whole animal)
  • We'll deliver to you at Bowie Trade Days (on the hoof, whole animal)
  • Pre-arranged by-the-piece for smaller quantities or specific cuts direct from our farm
  • Contact us to arrange for purchase!


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Whole-Animal Meat Pricing Sheet

Learn more about fainting goats at the Myotonic Goat Registry:

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