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All Natural Dorper Sheep

Our Dorper Sheep are grass fed and grass finished naturally, without grains.  We raise our sheep without growth hormones, antibiotics or chemical dewormers.  We use herbal remedies and natural dewormers, such as garlic and diatomaceous earth.

Dorper Sheep are a South African variety.  Having no wool (they're a hair sheep), they're perfect for the North Texas climate.  They're low maintenance, requiring no shearing or hoof trimming.  They have gentle personalities, and are excellent mothers.  Ewes typically twin when mature, and sometimes produce and raise triplets.  Our grass fed, grass finished Dorpers produce a mild flavored, healthy, lean meat, very different from the New Zealand mutton commonly found in grocery stores in the US.

We offer several purchase options:
  • You pick-up at our farm (on the hoof, whole animal)
  • We'll deliver to a local processor for you to handle processing (on the hoof, whole animal)
  • Pre-arranged by-the-piece for smaller quantities or specific cuts direct from our farm
  • Contact us to arrange for purchase!

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 Whole-Animal Meat Pricing Sheet

Visit the American Dorper Sheep Breeders' Society for more information:

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