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Martus Bookstore & Jahve Haus Coffee
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Bountiful Blessings Farm

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Welcome to Bountiful Blessings Farm!

We're glad that you've come to visit.  Stick around a while with us, relax on the front porch with a good cup of coffee, listen to the wind chime and catch your breath...  it's peaceful here. 


When you're ready, let's take a slow stroll around the pasture and have a look at the lambs and fainting goats (what fun!).  While we're out, we'll say hi to the Great Pyrenees livestock guardian dogs (our gentle giants aren't fierce around our friends), and check in on the baby bunnies.  If you're into equine, we'll take a walk down into the bottom and introduce you to our two hinnies (ok, it's like a mule) Cotton and Benjamin, they always like visitors too (especially very social Cotton!).  On our stroll back up the hill, we'll stop by the chicken coops and say hi to the ladies that keep us stocked with fresh eggs.  When we're done outside, we'll leave our boots on the back porch and step inside to the smell of fresh bread baking in the oven, while we sit down to have a look at all the wonderful soaps, candles, and lotion bars we make for our family--and would love to share with your family.  And when the bread is done, we'll slice off a big piece and spread it thick with one of our homemade organic jams, and have another cup of coffee while we wrap up our visit on the back porch watching the sheep graze in the cool of the evening.


Here at Bountiful Blessings Farm, we're a family run farm specializing in all-natural and organic products and livestock.  We believe that the healthiest products and foods are the ones that are as close to God-made as possible.  In keeping with that idea, our farm produces the best things for our family and yours to put onto and into our bodies—for better health!  We started a few years ago by making products and raising livestock for our family of 6.  Then we shared some of our family's products with our friends and extended family, and they came back for more “good stuff”, and encouraged us to make our products available to folks like you who share our belief in wholesome, basic, “good stuff”.

Our products are handcrafted from wholesome ingredients—as unrefined as we can get—and are free from preservatives, dyes, and petroleum products.  The short, basic ingredient lists—shown on our labels—become wonderfully pleasant, high quality, healthful, and effective products.

God is good, we are SO bountifully blessed!

Thanks for coming, and come again soon!

The Skeels Family
David, Mindy, Abigail, Jonathan, Sarah and Meredith Skeels


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